Revisiting the Case for a Software Asset Manager: Avoid the IT Vendor Sting

Please join us for the webinar next Thursday, April 10th, at 11.00 am PST / 2.00 pm EST where we will present a revised case for retaining a Software Asset Manager role in your organization, outlining key concerns of CIOs, defining the key responsibilities and function of the Asset Manager and discuss key elements of a successful Software Asset Management program in z/OS environments.

Mike FitzGerald has been providing software and best practices in ITAM for z/OS (MVS) since 1993. He worked with some of the largest corporations worldwide in refining methodologies and learning adopted by a variety of those clients. Mike will contrast the agendas of the CIO and the IT department and take stock of what needs to be done to start on the road to ‘recovery’ from a period where SAM managers have lost sight of z/OS issues or in some cases are new to the environment and being thrown in at the deep end with upcoming audits on the horizon again.

UBS Hainer’s Software Asset Management solution P-Tracker automatically provides the knowledge base for reliable software management. The program records the software usage with nearly no overhead and automatically identifies the installed software. P-Tracker not only identifies the usage of any vendor software, it also supports cleaning-up operations and disposal of “dead wood”.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the webinar.


Title: Revisiting the Case for a z/OS Software Asset Manager
Date: Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Time: 11.00 am PST / 2.00 pm EST