Webinar March 25:
Copy DB2 data 24/7

With a growing amount of data and shrinking batch windows, a full-featured and efficient copying tool is essential in today’s business. BCV6 guarantees business critical production data around the clock while copying its data consistently for QA. To find out more, please join us for our upcoming webinar.

Title: BCV6 – Copy DB2 z/OS Data 24/7
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Time: 11.00 am PST / 2.00 pm EST


Without stopping the source objects, it can be very difficult to copy tables and preserving consistency between tables and indexes and between different tables. BCV6 is an automated solution that uses the information in the log to bring the copied data to a consistent state. Fitted with a high-speed parallel copy utility, the streamlined job flow requires minimum space for work data sets. Without compromises in 24/7 needs, speed, ease of use, staffing or cost, BCV6 offers unbeatable performance and functionality.

Furthermore, combine BCV6 with the Icebox component. Icebox enables users to make copies of tables and entire databases for later use. Snapshots of source tables and indexes are automatically made consistent using the DB2 log. These backups can be restored at any later point in time into any environment, even if the target is a different DB2 version.

To define copy or restore tasks is really simple, experts normally use ISPF, others may prefer to be guided by a graphical user interface. Last but not least, operations like to execute their test data supply jobs under the control of the in-house scheduler.

Learn how BCV6’s unmatched copy speed equally relieves your batch window and enables instant copies, and see for yourself how easy it is to setup and execute copy tasks. We are looking forward to introducing the BCV6 solution on March 25.